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  • What part of the country does JA Harris Trucking, Inc. service?"
    JA Harris Trucking, Inc. has the authority to transport freight to the 48 contiguous states.
  • What is a truck pusher?
    A truck pusher is someone who coordinates large and/or complicated projects on site. JA Harris Trucking, Inc. can provide truck pushers to ensure that your cargo is delivered safe and on time.
  • What equipment does JA Harris Trucking, Inc. have available?"
    JA Harris Trucking, Inc. carries flatbeds, stretch trailers and drop deck trailers. We have a complete list of our equipment on our "Services" page. You can also call us if you have specific questions or if you are unsure what equipment would be best in your situation.
  • How does JA Harris Trucking, Inc. assign rates for the transportation of freight?"
    Rates are based on a number of factors: distance, fuel surcharge, destination location, and detention times among other issues. There might also be a fee associated with over-dimensional and/or over-weight loads. JA Harris Trucking, Inc. strives to give the best value to our customer's therefore, we encourage you to call us to find out what we can do for you.
  • Do JA Harris Trucking, Inc. drivers carry TWIC cards to access ports?"
    Yes. Beginning April 14, 2009, every driver will be required to have a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card to enter into US Ports.
  • Is JA Harris Trucking, Inc. certified as a minority owned business?"
    Yes. We are certified with the Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC), the State of Texas and the Port of Houston. JA Harris Trucking, Inc. is in the process of being 8(a) Certified with the US Small Business Administration. You can go to our "About Us" page to view our certifications at the bottom of the page.
  • Can JA Harris Trucking, Inc. drop off a trailer at a location to get loaded?"
    Yes. JA Harris Trucking, Inc. can drop off trailers at a location to load at your convenience. This allows you more time to load your freight and avoids detention fees.
  • Can JA Harris Trucking, Inc. transport containers?"
    Yes. JA Harris Trucking, Inc. has the equipment and our drivers have TWIC cards to access US ports.
  • Where do I call if I need assistance after business hours?
    We are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In the event of an after hours emergency you can call us at our regular office number (713.672.6900) which is linked to our cell phones. If you want to leave us a question or a message you can also email us through our "contact us" page or at
  • Will JA Harris Trucking, Inc. ship partial/LTL freight or provide a power unit only?"
    Yes. We can transport partials or LTLs for you. We can also provide power units only and you have to option to be charge by the hour.
  • Is JA Harris Trucking, Inc. capable of transporting over-dimensional or overweight loads?"
    Yes. Every truck in JA Harris Trucking, Inc. fleet is permited to haul over-dimensional and overweight cargo.
  • Can JA Harris Trucking, Inc. have someone come to my location for an on-site estimate?"
    Yes. We can send one of our dispatchers to a location to estimate the work a project will require.
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